A one-on-one session can be a great way to find clarity on a pertinent situation, pave the path for physical or emotional recovery, or simply to relax into focused movement and breath in privacy, away from the distractions of everyday life.

Sessions typically run 60-75 minutes. Each session is variable depending on your unique focus and may include a variety of modalities. Check out the session descriptions below for more information to discover which kind of session is right for you. 


the home practice - 2 sessions - $135

Taking a yoga class in a studio setting can feel entirely different than practicing yoga and meditation at home. Often, developing a home practice can bring up many emotions--anger, frustration, confusion, the list goes on. This is where I come in; within one 75 and one 60 minute session, allow me to help you design an approachable sequence that fits your needs. 

Before we meet, we will discuss:

  • when and where you will typically be practicing

  • how you would like to feel afterwards--physically, mentally and emotionally

  • your overall health and any injuries that you may have endured

  • how to incorporate poses that you love

  • how to work on poses that challenge you

  • how to select props that may enhance your practice.

In the first 75 minute session, we will: 

  • check-in about what we previously discussed

  • slowly practice your personalized sequence, allowing time for questions and assists

  • following the session, note anything that needs to be altered

  • schedule a follow-up session no more than 10 days out.

Following the session: 

  • (I will) email you a copy of your very own colorful and detailed sequence and help you order any props that may enhance your practice.

  • (You will) aim to practice it on your own and provide feedback on anything that you'd like clarified.

In the 60 minute follow-up session, we will: 

  • check-in about the process thus far

  • practice the sequence at a faster pace, still allowing time for questions and assists

  • have a closing discussion about the overall experience and how I may be able to assist you in maintaining your home yoga practice.


Yoga nidra - Meditation session - $60* spring special through 6/20!

Yoga Nidra Meditation is a gentle, yet highly effective practice whether you'd like to simply relax or encourage minor to major shifts in your life. Sessions are held within a comfortable studio setting to provide neutrality. 

Before we meet, we will: 

  • discuss your overall health and how you currently feel in you mind, body and heart

  • define a personal intention to be infused within the meditation.

In the 60 minute session, we will:                                       

  • check-in about what we previously discussed

  • engage in light movement or breath work designed to promote relaxation and vibrancy

  • experience a full yoga nidra session

  • have a closing discussion to review your intention and any reflections on the session

  • schedule a follow-up session if desired.