I have utilized several of Aricha’s meditations for nearly one year and I have noticed not only physical benefits, but emotional and mental benefits as well.  I have struggled with chronic health problems and insomnia for many years. While I was initially somewhat skeptical of the value of meditation, I noticed immediate improvements in my overall health- including my insomnia. I listen to Aricha’s meditations daily and they allow me to move through my life with peace, clarity, and confidence, as she intends. 


- Kris

Eugene, OR


The first one of Aricha’s classes that I attended was wonderful. Before yoga nidra, we did gentle, restorative yoga poses which helped me relax and let go. During the meditation, we were guided by her clear, gentle and reassuring voice.

I remember “just being” (something I hadn’t done for a long time). As she brought us back from our meditative state, I slowly became aware of my body, feeling completely relaxed. I now attend her classes regularly and I am pleased with how she intuitively, and with our input, tailors each session to meet our needs. Attending her class has me helped to become more relaxed, flexible and better able to face challenges. I am so grateful.

- Paul

Gilbert, AZ

Because I’m not typically a sickly, ailing, or overly stressed person to begin with, I was a little surprised by how much “better” I felt, immediately following my first session of Yoga Nidra with Aricha. The certainty of accessing that feeling again, week after week, has been what’s kept me coming back.

I’ve been attending class for two months now, and our sessions have become a reset for all the ways my body and my mind come to suffer during the days in between. When we move physically and we move mentally, our spirits seem to naturally follow, inducing a lasting state of health, clarity and peace. No matter what may aim to plague us from there on out, we have already changed to become more grounded and resilient, from the very first time and forever after


- Layla

Eugene, OR

Six weeks ago, I leapt on the opportunity to attend Aricha's Yoga Nidra class. I had previously practiced both yoga and meditation occasionally, but had always done so on my own and never at a class or with a group of people. Her first session was free, so I figured it might be worth my while. It turned out to be far beyond 'worth my while', as it opened up the door to healing and a personal mental ailment.

Throughout the first half of her class, Aricha guides her students through a variety of Asana yoga poses. She beckons them to take their focus inward and to rely on intuition and bodily wisdom in determining how far to push themselves. In doing such, she subtly helps each attendee create a platform for delving into the deep meditation that takes place during the second half of class. While she is guiding this meditation, I often find myself immersed in a realm of profound peace. And sporadically, sudden moments of insight occur about my well-being.  

After my second session, I discovered how bogged down I was by anxiety, something I didn't even recognize that I was susceptible to prior to attending her class. And since then, I've learned how to overcome it in several facets of life, often expanding on this healing process each week.  Anxiety has dwindled away to such a small fragment of my mentality that I have gained a far greater sense of control in life that I've not had in a long time.

Yoga Nidra has become a crucial benefactor for me in maintaining weekly vitality, peace, and freedom in life; I feel whole again. At one point in time in the past six weeks, I considered getting wi-fi at my apartment, but it dawned on me that Yoga Nidra with Aricha, being the same monthly cost, was far more valuable!


- Ryan

Eugene, OR

What strikes me as unique about Aricha is that she has a fantastic ability to 'hold space' for people during her classes. This is not something easy to do. As a yoga teacher myself, I can't help but analyze teachers methods and sequencing when I take their classes. Yes, I had done many of the gentle poses offered by Aricha, and could understand perhaps why she was doing certain things at certain times. But what you can't replicate is her grounding and powerful energy, which through her steady voice, helps guide you to deeper inner peace.

I am so happy that she has found Yoga Nidra. This healing art is not just words, and cannot just 'be done' by everyone. It takes the internal strength and ability to hold oneself as an empty vessel for your students that makes Aricha's approch to Nidra special. You are in good guiding hands with her, and you can access the right amount of healing you need with each of her classes!


- Kirstin

Long Beach, CA

Aricha Pluid is Magical. Her classes are a genuine treat for anyone who desires a healing experience in their body, mind, and spirit. She is thoroughly respectful and supporting as she expertly guides through her classes, meeting you right where you are at, even amongst a group of students. I always find that "ahhwwwwww" spot in class with her visual guidance, soft voice, and gift with words.

Yoga Nidra by Aricha Pluid is the most unique Nidra experience I have ever had, (I have had a few different Nidra teachers in different locations) and everytime is the best with Aricha. I feel as if I take off on a journey to reclaim parts of myself that are necessary for my well being and evolution as a person. Aricha is a wonderful, benevolent jewel of a teacher who is very much in her natural element. She has much to share and it is a joy to grow as a student under her wing. I have taken many a yoga class up and down the west coast, and Aricha is one of my favorite teachers I've ever had. I always receive amazing healing in her humble, gifted space.


- Zeah

Eugene, OR