Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a sleep-based guided meditation technique originating more than two thousand years ago. With the help of a guide, one drops into deep brainwave states, allowing the wisdom of the body to take over and encourage deep restoration on many levels.

The beauty of this practice is that one need not have experience with meditation whatsoever to drop into deeper states of consciousness. Here, in this space-between-spaces, a relaxed, yet alert state is achieved. Even if one feels that nothing is occurring, a sweet stirring has begun to take place, allowing a reunion between Self and Wholeness. Whether done in a class setting, at home, or even in the board room, one is bound to emerge feeling rested and empowered.

The benefits of a regular yoga nidra practice abound, however, people commonly report the following: deeper, more restful sleep, increased mental clarity, increased physical stamina, feeling more confident and grounded, a notable decrease in stress and anxiety, and a decrease in muscular tension and/or pain.

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